Top five vision ideas announced

  • Become Iowa's healthiest community.
  • Begin programs to ensure every young person has the opportunity to succeed.
  • Create an indoor recreation facility to enhance community needs and to attract more convention and tourism activity.
  • Improve the appearance and attractiveness of Greater Burlington.
  • Increase the use of the riverfront as the community's No. 1 geographic asset.

For more information, see The Hawk Eye.

Imagine's goals are to:

• Bring together our communities through a grassroots visioning process to improve the future of Des Moines County and the greater Burlington area
• Capture the energy and imagination of the communities to generate ideas, plans and dreams to move our communities forward
• Evaluate all ideas submitted and select five ideas that have broad community acceptance, a visionary outlook and make a long-term impact

How will the top five ideas be selected?

There are five key steps in imagine's idea-selection process:
1. During the first two months of imagine, everyone who lives, works, visits and studies in Des Moines County and the greater Burlington area is invited to submit their ideas for making this a better place to live, work and play. Imagine hopes to gather at least 2,000 ideas. (COMPLETED! Received about 1800 ideas.)
2. A selection committee of 10 to 12 residents representing a cross section of the communities will review all ideas and narrow them to a list of 100 ideas.  (COMPLETED!)  If you are interested in serving on the selection committee, click here.
3. Through and open-voting process community members will be asked to select the top 30 ideas from the list of 100.  (COMPLETED!)
4. The Imagine steering committee will select the top five ideas from the list of 30.  (COMPLETED!)
5. The five best ideas will be announced soon. (COMPLETED!). Community members and organizations then will be invited to collaborate, adopt projects and start accomplishing these ideas. We hope to have all five ideas under way and some completed by the end of 2016.

Contact information:

Imagine Our Future
PO Box 1244
Burlington, IA 52601

Click here to download an Imagine Our Future brochure!